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Lesson Prices

Private lessons
Private Lessons for 1-2 people
One Lesson $75
Two Lessons $150
Three Lessons $225
Four Lessons or more $70 per lesson
Ten Lessons or more $65 per lesson

Private Lessons for 3-8 people
One Lesson for $80 (this is total price, not per person)

Private Lessons for more that 8 people 
Base price of $80, add $10 per person over 8.  

Special Events
Events, performances, extra large groups, classes in your home/venue= Please contact us directly for prices.

*Each private lesson is 40 minutes long, customized to your needs, and scheduled at your convenience.

Group Class and Dance Party
Monthly Group Lesson and Dance Party- see events for dates.  $20 per couple, includes group class and dance party. 


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