Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

1) choose the type of lesson you would like to take (group lesson, private lesson), events details on each option. See private or group lessons? to help make your decision (or call and we can help youunderstand your options.

2) contact us to schedule your lesson and tell us what you are excited to learn, we can help tailor the lesson to you!

3) instructor will let you know which of our locations to come to

4) you can scroll the FAQs below for what to wear 

5) come into the lobby of the studio and take a seat, your instructor will come out to greet you when they are finished teaching their current lesson

6)your instructor will take payment (card, check, cash). Taxes are already included and you do not need to tip.

7)instructor will bring you into the ballroom-lesson time!

8) bring your phone to take a clip of the steps you learned so you can refresh your learning in between lessons.

Are private or group lessons best?

We recommend both for the quickest learning. Private lessons can be customized to exactly what you want to learn and your level and when you are available. Group classes are great to work on muscle memory of the steps and have a pre-determined level and dance style . It is often helpful to start first with a private class or two and then attend a group.  Private lessons can be taken alone or include up to 8 people that you invite to split the cost.  Group lessons will have 4-25 people and have a fixed fee per student and a set number of weeks.. If you want special choreography or song for a wedding or event, private lessons work best.  Group lessons are typically a session of 5-8 lessons once a week for 55 minutes long.  Private lessons can be purchased one at a time or in packages of any amount. Discounts for 4 or more lessons purchased at a time.

What do I wear to my lesson?

Most people like to wear comfortable business casual clothing or active wear to class.  If you don't own ballroom dance shoes, wearing shoes that don't grip or mark the floor are best. For women, its best to have a comfortable flat or heel that will stay on your feet.

How do I pay for my lesson?

You can pay your instructor with cash, card, or check when you arrive for your first lesson.  You can pay for each lesson individually or all at once (discount for paying in full).  We also have an option for paying online.

Do I need a partner?

Each class is different. Private lessons can be taken with or without a partner (your instructor will fill in if needed).  See class description.  Due to covid, many classes are non-partnering classes where you will learn steps and styling alone that can later be used to dance with a partner.

Covid details?

-Stay home if you have a fever or feel unwell, wash/sanitize hands when you arrive, keep space between you and other students if they do not belong to your household, sign covid waiver before your first class.

-All group classes and parties (except for Adult couples Dance Night Out) will not be holding hands/partnering.  Adult couples Dance Night Out and Family Dance come with partners so they will be partnering.  

-Private lesson students, instructor will chat with you about what level of contact you are comfortable with and if you will wear masks.

-Class sizes will be limited.

-Covid details will be modified as the situation changes.

Do I need experience?

No experience necessary. Students will be attending with different levels of experience.  Each class will have something for everyone.  Great tips for learning faster: bring your phone to take a clip of the skills taught so you can practice, if you are new pick one step to remember and practice it, combine group and private lessons for the fastest learning, don't compare-it keeps you from focusing on what you are learning and the fun of danc!

Where is my class held? 

Ballroom Dance Academy is a separate company that rents space from two local studios in Sioux Falls. See class description for location (location chosen based on studio availability and class needs).  We can also bring lessons to your home or establishment.

What can I learn?

There are over 20+ partner dances to choose from.  Your instructor can help you decide what style is best for you based on the kind of music, your personal taste, and the event.  We also offer social slow and fast dance for students who don't want to learn a specific ballroom dance. 

Good things to know...

Ballroom dance- includes formal looking dances (waltz, foxtrot), swing dances, and latin dances.

Many ballroom dances have two versions to choose from- American and International. Ask your instructor which one is right for you.

People learn very differently (visual, audio, kinetic...).  Your teacher will help adjust their teaching as they start to see your specific learning style.

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